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NiktoutRO IRC

by Niktout on 11-22-14


- To join us on our IRC channel, simply download any IRC client such as

- Add a new network named NiktoutRO then enter the following network adress

- Once connected, type in the chatbox /j #niktoutr0 to join our channel.

- You can also register your  nickname so other people will not use it by typing the follow command:  /msg NickServ REGISTER password email

- Next time you will connect to our network, enter the following command to authentify yourself with your registered nickname: /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password

Date Modified : 11-22-14

Things to know about the alpha test.

by Niktout on 11-21-14

I think most of you didn't read every informations about the current alpha test server so far so i'm going to write every important informations you guys have to know.

- Every new players get 100k Cash Points to do intensive testing and report bugs at this adress or ingame whenever i'm online.
- You have to contact me ingame when i'm around if you didn't get your 100k cash points but i'm usually able to catch up with newcomers.
- You have a temporary item mall, card seller & ammunitions above the fountain in Prontera.
* Every shops will be removed once we'll go live.
- We will wipe the server (but keep the accounts) once we will go live. This will be when we will get our anticheats such as "anti nodelay/speedhack/bot/wpe/etc". We were told that Adelays will be released this month and HaShield during december.

- We'll probably keep the ammunitions NPC to make your life easier to avoid traveling everywhere in the world to buy your arrows/kunai & others but cards & gears NPCs will be removed.
- We will not wipe "Vote Points" which you can already stock your VPs by voting everyday from the control panel at this adress
* You can almost get every items from the Cash Shop, the Vote for Points exchanger is located near the Stylist in Prontera.
* There are 2 missing topsites with which i'm having trouble but i'll do my best to find a solution so you'll be able to get more VP everyday :-)
* I will also probably give you a little boost to help you but I will keep secret ;-)

- We still don't know what WoE schedules you would like to have here. Our idea is to set 1 castle per WoE with different castle. I.e: 3 WoE/week would be 3 different castles. We can also make specific WoE schedules for Asia, Usa & Europe if necessary. Feel free to post here

I think that's about it. Feel free to post your feedbacks about the server, tell us what you would like to see~

Date Modified : 11-21-14

Cards prefixes/affixes fixed & Vote for Points Shop

by Niktout on 11-16-14


- A quick news to tell you that i've fixed the cards prefixes/affixes. You can run your NiktoutRO Launcher to download a small patch.


- As for the homunculus info windows issue. the bmp couldn't be updated through our patcher somehow.

I remember this is not a critical issue since it doesn't crash your client.

I've also updated & repacked the full client & patcher archives so people having the button issue may download the patcher files then overwrite every files to correct the issue.


- The Vote for Points shop is now available. You'll almost find the same items as in the Cash Shop. The purpose is that you will still be able to get Exp Books & stuff once we'll be done with the alpha test phase. Vote points will not be refunded nor wiped so you can already stack your points in advance ;-)

Date Modified : 11-16-14

Cards drop rate fixed

by Niktout on 11-12-14


Just a quick news to let you know that card drop rate is now fixed. Every cards drop at 0.03% and MvP/Mini Boss cards now drop at 0.06% ! You can double these rates with "Bubble Gum".

Cards & Equipments sellers during Alpha!

by Niktout on 11-05-14


Just to let you know that Card seller NPC is located below the fountain in Prontera and Equipments sellers are located above the fountain with Ammunitions & co.

Reminder: Every NPCs will only be here during Alpha tests so you can gear your chars quickly and test the game mechanics.

Date Modified : 11-05-14

Welcome to NiktoutRO!

by Niktout on 11-04-14

Hello everybody,

Welcome to the new NiktoutRO server! Enjoy your stay and see you ingame !